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https://nybildetema.oslomet.no er hluti af vefsíðu Miðstöðvar fjölmenningarlegrar kennslu í Noregi (NAFO). NAFO er hluti af deild menntunar- og fjölmenningarfræða hjá OsloMet háskólanum.

Web analytics – Matomo Cloud

The National Centre of Multicultural Education (NAFO) uses Matomo Cloud to analyse the usage of our website. This is an important part of our effort to provide high quality content for our users.

Matomo’s analyses are anonymised and can’t be used to identify individuals. The data Matomo stores is not linked to other sources of information and is not transferred to third parties.

Matomo Cloud collects information about:

  • which sites are most frequently visited
  • which items or actions are clicked on (for instance search, language, sound)  
  • the date and duration of visits
  • users’ web browser
  • the website that was viewed prior to the current page (Referrer URL)
  • user origin (country/region)

The information Matomo Cloud collects is stored on a server in Europe and subject to Matomo Cloud’s Privacy Policy.

We will never disclose our collected data.

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