We have performed tests of the accessibility of the contents of nybildetema.oslomet.no. The testing was done using automation tools as well as manually, in accordance with the requirements in WCAG 2.1.  

The manual tests have focused on the following:  

  • Criterion 3 for universal accessibility: Simple and intuitive operations (“Understandable”)  
  • Ability to navigate and scale contents according to the requirements  
  • Contrasts and color choices  
  • Responsive design  

Status of content that is not universally designed: 

Some errors have been uncovered in nybildetema.oslomet.no during testing on 26 April 2024. 

1. Perceivable 

1.4.12 Text spacing 

– Line height (line spacing) is only 1.4 times the font size. 

2. Operable  

2.4.2 Page titles 

– Topic and subtopic pages lack descriptive page titles.